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Having some MATH jitters? I'm here for you!

As a young student, I struggled to understand math. I just couldn't wrap my head around certain concepts and tended to shut down very easily when I came across an obstacle. In the classroom, it always seemed to be a race and everyone else around me was ahead by laps. I stopped doing homework, I wouldn't raise my hand to participate, and had simply accepted the fact that I wasn't a math person. When I became a teacher, I decided that I wanted to be the teacher I had always wished I had. I wanted someone to cheer me on and celebrate my minor successes AND failures. I wanted someone to tell me that it was okay to fail because it was a part of the learning process. I wanted someone to tell me that learning was not a race and I was going to grow on my own time. I wanted someone who was willing to re-explain a skill and work through as many examples as I needed until I finally understood. I needed someone to exude enthusiasm and help me buy into my own possibilities. I needed my own math cheerleader.
I love what I do every single day because I am helping students to believe in themselves and what they are capable of accomplishing throughout their lives!

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